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Cute Outfit Ideas for the End of Summer

Fall fashion photo.Outfit Ideas for the End of Summer

How about some new Outfit ideas for end of summer parties, concerts, even back-to-school?  It’s all good Bbz! I have your back.

When we feel as though we have nothing to wear, we all go into a rut.  BUT DON’T!   I gave some thought to the end of the summer and beginning of fall.  The weather is changing but still warm most places. You already know I am the #wearlingerieeveryday gal so – why not a pair fun stockings & lace tights with some of the end of season outfits, you can wear to lunch, dinner, concerts, sporting events, shopping, and even on campus.  

Grab some of your faves from your own closet to create various ensembles.  Think the whole range  range fun, casual, charming and sporty. Instead of slipping to your baggy sweatpants or leggings,  try some easy-to-put-together casual outfit ideas to smart up your skirts, shorts and ripped jeans. 

Grab that light sweater-vest & tuck it under a miniskirt with cute af belt. Put on a pair of patterned though highs and some and loafers. You’ll be totes cuter and  trendy than everyone else who is wearing the same old, same old.  For a more laid-back vibe, you may also pair this with sneakers or boots and replace the skirt with jean shorts. 

Wanna flirt?  You can’t go wrong with high-waisted shorts and thigh-highs!  Sporty for a picnic and games? Pick out thigh-highs, shorts with a cropped blouse, baseball cap or bucket hat and sneakers! Wear your team’s colors! 

Cute Outfit Ideas for the End of Summer

Give that miniskirt a new look with a pair of white or black thigh highs. Late summer calls for light ruffle fashions, while fall calls for plaids and wool blends. One of them looks great with sneakers, a cropped sweater or white top. The outfit is SO basic, yet because to its 90s  “Clueless” vibe, it makes such a chic statement.

Wanna to flaunt an edgier look, slip on some full-waisted tights underneath ripped jeans or jean shorts with sneakers or boots. 

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My recommendation is to scope out Kix’ies Thigh Highs. Not only do they have rad AF Thigh High stockings in all colors and patterns but full waist tights, body stockings, over the knee socks & bra and panty sets too!   Mix and match flirty, sporty & preppy lewks by wearing a miniskirt, over-the-knee Kix’ies socks, and thigh-high boots… maybe layering a fitted sleeveless sweater over a button-up, tee or tank!

Whatever your fashion thang is this season, adding thigh -highs, especially Kix’ies, is a great way to spice up an outfit and try something new!

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