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Unbuttoned Jeans: Coming Undone – On Purpose

Unbuttoned Jeans

Yo Bbz, yes it is fashionable to wear jeans unzipped, unbuttoned, and unconcerned. Why?

If you see a woman, strolling down the street, pants undone, it’s probably not an “examine your zipper” situation.

At first you might think of your ol’ uncle Joe after Thanksgiving dinner or a maybe a comfort hack for a woman’s pregnant belly, popping unbuttoned jeans is now, a fashion statement.

In effect, unbuttoned jeans, a style bridge between from high rise to low rise. It’s something that mirrors the tea over whether low-rise jeans are coming back, Ms. McClendon laughed. Experimenting without committing to a low-rise jean. The long-predicted return of all things Y2K — including the indie style with  and super-low waistbands. This trend has captured much media gossip.

Common Misconceptions

Many people believe that low-rise jeans are only flattering on a small number of women with very flat stomachs. In fact, last fall,  a Vogue headline pleaded, “Please Let Us Not Return to Low-Rise Jeans!”   However, some women born during the low-rise heyday of the early 2000s feel differently. “It adds this extra fold to the pants that adds a curve to the hips and makes more of an hourglass shape for people who have more rectangular bodies,” that helps that style to be more accessible to a broader range of bodies.

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There’s deffo a new wave of people with a new rad thought. ‘Wear what you want, having curves looks good, you don’t have to have a flat stomach to wear low-waisted jeans. At last, we are seeing this style as a way to embody TikTok culture. “You shouldn’t fit into your clothes, your clothes should fit you. Don’t  be down if your pants don’t fit, wear  them unbuttoned and it will be sexy AF and rad.”

Set the tone

People will absorb your energy if you wear anything with confidence. As a matter of fact, will think, ‘Damn… they look amazing!’  In essence, this has been my experience. They will love it and follow you or dis you and copy you anyway. An example, Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner have had their jeans unbuttoned and showing their thongs, for years. There is a historical arc. It’s like original low-rise jeans, in the 1960s,” is link the current trend for deconstructed waistbands — even the hippies who cut off their waistbands with scissors. Mudd Jeans in the early 00’s with the flowers, were playing with this vibe from the ’60s that was about breaking down and showing off your body.

Unbuttoned Jeans On Purpose!

A selfie posted in your Instagram feed, group chat or on Facebook, wearing your jeans unbuttoned and rolled down will deffo get  a response. It is all about confidence. What’s more, we aren’t ashamed of our bodies or the clothes we wear underneath. So, We’ve got this ladies, let’s show it, with confidence, ON PURPOSE.


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*Original Article credit Shane O’Neill NYT Style section, September 16, 2022

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