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 Jersey Tomatoes: A Labor of Love

It’s that time again.

I can’t believe the summer has gone so fast and tomato harvesting is actually slowing down! Which means the season is ending soon. It’s all worth it because, when it comes to tomatoes, there’s no variety that screams summer like the Jersey tomato. The delicious taste, bright red color, and super juicy texture can’t be beat. They’re a must-have in gardens and kitchens everywhere. But, you know, getting from seedling to table isn’t just about planting and waiting.

Art and Love

Taking care of Jersey tomatoes and harvesting them is like an art, you know? It’s all about paying attention to the little things and being a bit patient. I start with Heirloom plants and had three varieties this year: Mortgage Lifter, Rutgers, and Black Krim. The Krims came in first, big, juicy, and sweet. Then the Mortgage Lifters and Rutgers followed with their hearty texture and flavor.

Pick ‘em!

Picking Jersey tomatoes is all about using a gentle touch. It’s a hands-on experience, you know? Picking each tomato from the vine when they’re all juicy and ready to go is like a little treat for all the effort put into growing them. You just have to wait until the fruits are somewhat ripe and you can finish them in a sunny window. Ideally, leave them on the vine, but if you are like us and have squirrels around, you need to pick them before those little buggers get them.

How to tell if a tomato is ready

They MUST be that deep red color and feel a little soft when you give them a gentle squeeze. The payoff for being patient is a burst of flavor that screams summer vibes. Whether you’re chowing down on a fresh Jersey tomato in a salad, sandwich, or using it to make your favorite sauce, It is the best! You can taste the love and dedication that went into growing these bad boys to harvest. When it comes to gardening, growing and picking Jersey tomatoes is a real labor of love. But trust me, it’s totally worth it because these tomatoes are the heartiest, sweetest, and most satisfying ones you’ll ever taste.

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