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Welcome to Beatopia!

Welcome to Beatopia!

Welcome to Beatopia!

She was standing in the middle of a lit-up dance floor in a glitter minis dress to die for, holding a sunburst Fender guitar. Three band members and an enormous group of red-capped mushrooms are gathered around her. No you aren’t tripping! You’re ready to lose yourself in Beabadoobee’s new realm when “Talk” plays. For those who missed it, the 21-year-old London musician just last week launched Beatopia accompanying images of herself and guitarist Jacob Bugden in front of a massive billboard bearing the project’s hand-scrawled moniker. “The name of my record:) Jacob and I went a bit crazy making it,” she confessed…

Fake It Flowers, Bea’s debut album, was released in late 2020. It was quickly followed by 2021’s Our Extended Play, an EP produced in association with The 1975 that portrayed her inability to mature, propensity to seek approval from others, and obsession with destructive vices. She told us at the time, “There’s a learning curve and self-growth there,” before pointing out that its more experimental sounds served as a sort of transitional point between albums one and two. Her second record is the result of her continuing artistic and personal development throughout this time.  I am hooked, I am obsessed.

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What is the meaning of “Talk” then? Due to my belief that Tuesday night was the perfect night to go out. Since there was just the right amount of craziness, I became obsessed with it. It’s like the sensation you can’t help but have; you know it’s awful, but you genuinely love it and it doesn’t matter, so you do it anyhow. What about the music clip? What was the grand scheme there? Simply said, I just wanted to have a ton of fun with my band, my fans. And making a video where everyone was involved.

If you have not heard her you need to experience her #moods you need to do so-NOW!

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