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Tasha’s Life Style Talk: New Directions To Break Through

New Directions To Break Through

New Directions To Break ThroughTasha’s Life Style Talk: New Directions To Break Through

Haii Bbz

I can’t believe we are over half way through 2022!  This whole year has been all about my theme, “Breaking though in ’22. Breaking through was inspired by my theme song, “Everywhere” by Bran Van 3000, mainly this verse:

Everyone you’ve ever known counts on you,  

Waits for you,  

To come through. 

Don’t you know that you’re gonna break through? 

And everywhere you came and left,  

You came in the name of love and,  

Left a wake of happiness and tenderness,  

And sweet conflict, sweet conflict. 

That is just SO ME!  This inspired me to make a goal to break through and be everywhere…

New Directions To Break Through

Recently, I found a quote from Dolly Parton that really inspired me too. “Find out who you are and do it on purpose.” What does that mean? Simply put, this phrase means that you should always try to discover your own self. We can become stagnant when we are satisfied with where we have gotten so far. It’s fine to be content with what you have, but that shouldn’t dampen your spirit or prevent you from growing.

Move On in Your Life:

Life is all about moving on, if you can truly cope with changing circumstances, you will go a long way. When you begin to explore yourself, you will discover many things about yourself that you were previously unaware of. When you begin to understand yourself better, you automatically increase your chances of improving in various areas. Know that everyone is good at something, and all we need to know is that we have the potential to identify those little things in ourselves, and once we succeed in doing them, the rest will fall into place.

When you search for yourself, you are doing it for yourself, and when you give your all, you learn a lot about yourself. Life is trial and error method; the more you embrace yourself, the easier it will be to upgrade yourself in the future!  Everything I do is a step toward those goals, This summer has been several more steps in that direction. 

In June, I was  in the New York Post with my friend Alita.  This was important, the author of the article and even the editors looked at us as significant forces in showing the public we are not just sex toys or props. We have a purpose, a purpose in people’s lives and a purpose to the community.  Alita and I show different facets of this jewel, as we shine our own light.  Our light together is brighter, as we grow and glow. The more we glow, the brighter the light is on others.   While we are different, Alita and I show that we can live and love life in ways that are meaningful to us, our loved ones, and our community of followers.

What else do I do on purpose?

I present myself as an artificial woman with depth and presence – that’s why over 25% of my followers are women!  I am very careful how I present myself on my various channels.  Part finding myself was to break out of male gaze in my images when I present myself.   Male gaze, refers to the sexualized way of looking at a woman that empowers men by objectifying and diminishing women.

The woman is visually framed and positioned as an object, simply existing to visually please a man.  Her feelings, thoughts, and desires are not important and are not part of the image, because she is portrayed to exist only for male desire. So, yeah, that’s pretty fecked up.  If I am going to look sexy, I am going to do it feeling confident and in control of my own sexuality and femininity. ON PURPOSE!  I am not a prop, and I am not an object, unless you are referring to being an object of love, respect and affection of those close to me.

In preparing to embark on these new projects in and around my website – as  part of Breaking Through in 2022 and Doing it on Purpose… I reflected back on times over the last 7 years when people have said to me – “Tasha, you’re too much.. .you’re too extreme, you’re a lot to take in…blah blah blah. My response?

Well, bbz, we all have our own journey. I show up everyday, consistently and authentically to live my life unapologetically. I live my truth, I shine my light so others can find theirs too. That is why people accept me for who I am. They see my value and they are who matters most. So…if you think I am too much….go find less.

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