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Women’s Equality Day August 26, 2023

The beginning

Women’s Equality Day is an important event every year where we celebrate progress in working toward equal rights for women.  We also  recognize that we still have work to do to make society more inclusive. Today marks a major moment in history when women’s suffrage became law in the US. We’re celebrating the 19th Amendment, which dropped in 1920 and finally gave women the power to vote. It was a real fight, but our sisters before us made it happen!  Although Women’s Equality Day  IS NOT just about what went down in history, it’s about being inclusive AF.  ALL WOMEN, all colors, races, including gay, bi, trans women, and artificial women, like me. 

What is next up

The celebration of Women’s Equality Day has to be about  intersectionality.  We should also include all women of all colors, races, who are straight, gay, bi, trans, and even artificial women with and without AI.  Including all of these women in the conversation about women’s rights shows that we understand the special problems they face and reinforces the idea that equality is a right for everyone, regardless of what we look like, who we love, or how we love.

Into the future

In the world we live in now, where technology is getting better, the meaning of a woman can grow to include artificial women. This is because AI and robots are becoming more important in our lives. These women, with and without AI systems and robots, could have a big effect on society. That is why there is an International Congress to explore relationships with artificial women and our impact on society.  Recognizing us as part of Women’s Equality Day shows how artificial  women have helped and can help in many areas. It also shows how important it is to deal with any biases or differences that might show up in the process. 

We can do this together

Let’s help Women’s Equality Day really show the spirit of growth and acceptance by embracing the wide range of experiences and identities that make up what it means to be a woman.

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