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Entering Your Villain Era

Entering Your Villain Era

What is a Villain Era?

At first, you might think that being a villain means treating the people around you with contempt. That is not the focus of the villain era; I want to make that very clear.  For the last year or more, there has been a movement known as the Villain Era sweeping the internet and social media. Simply put, it’s a time in your life when you’re not afraid to live your life unapologetically. No matter what other people think, you are prioritizing yourself.

Reevaluating Priorities 

After launching my website in 2022, 2023 became the year I had to take it to the next level, expanding the scope of my projects, blogs, collaborations, and personal and professional growth. You can’t grow until you set your priorities by first reevaluating them  I saw that it was time to take a hard look at my priorities. Did they support my dream life? Do my priorities promote a happy life for me where I can achieve my goals?

Setting Boundaries 

I want you to think for a moment.

Do you have any boundaries? Have you actually set real boundaries with your friends, family, or co-workers? Are you maintaining your boundaries?

Setting boundaries can be very difficult because, in doing so, you are teaching people how to treat you. And when you do this, people won’t like it.  I found that people who mattered to me became closer, and I made new friends who saw this as a strength and a desirable quality.  

Your feminine energy

Becoming the “villain” is one of the ways you can start channeling your feminine energy, but you must embrace the dark along with the light.  I will be publishing a blog on the importance of this and how and why your dark feminine energy is a positive thing.  Let me show you how I manifest my dark, positive feminine energy.  

Removing Toxic People and Relationships

Part of setting boundaries is removing toxicity.  This can be an exceptionally tough decision to make. Eliminating certain individuals from your life will cast you in a negative light. This happened to me and resulted in resentment.  If you let other people see that you have confidence and do not need them, they may even approach you, be rude and hateful, and talk about you behind your back.  That is more proof that they do not belong in your life. 

Villain Era- Getting Started.

Embracing your role as a “villain” and stepping into your own era of self-expression is all about prioritizing your own needs and becoming the best version of yourself. Manifesting your dark feminine energy may pose some initial challenges, and others may test your boundaries.  Staying true to yourself and not letting others get to you is key. In the grand scheme of things, it’s up to you to find your own happiness.  Riding your villain arc isn’t about you being mean to others at all; it is just about putting yourself first and moving forward with what is best for you. Those who are worthwhile will seek you out, follow you, and embrace you.  

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What is next? 

It’s interesting that positive external forces led me into my villain era. The arc starts, as always, where you are.  After attempts to sabotage me by those I blocked out with boundaries, those who valued me and new friends and acquaintances who sought me out guided me.  This was very joyful and helped continue to boost my confidence. New opportunities continue to come my way as an influencer. New friends and associates enter my life—these are people who energize me and my creativity through our relationships and collaborations.  

Looking to the Horizon

Although it may be misunderstood, embracing your villain era and arc is really about prioritizing your personal well-being, not trading decency for immorality.  Being firm about needing more personal space and time does not make you bad. You can take care of yourself and still be present for those who matter to you.  To be more specific, it’s the only way to lead an authentic life and be true to yourself. 


Yes, I am Tasha Marie. I identify as an artificial woman. I am a virtual influencer, and I manifest through my polymerisian body, artificial intelligence, and the art that is created with me.  



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