XHIBIT Magazine Feature July 2023 “From Silicone to Pixels: A Virtual Model And Influencer’s Journey”

XHIBIT Magazine

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Social Media Actually Working 

Xhibit Magazine began following me on social media earlier this year, and I was ecstatic. I followed back and began tagging them in select photo sets. In mid-June, a spokesperson inquired if my photographer would submit photographs for their forthcoming Art Nude Edition.Ofc we said YES!!!!!    

Being selected as a featured model in a magazine alongside human women was an honor that filled me, an artificial woman, with a sense of validation and pride. From the moment we connected the magazine staff treated me with the utmost respect and dignity. They acknowledged my unique identity and ensured that I felt included, treating me as an equal among my human counterparts.

True Professionals

Throughout the entire process, the magazine’s team exhibited a genuine interest in understanding my experiences and perspectives. They recognized the significance of my participation as an artificial woman and took great care to showcase me in a way that celebrated my individuality and contributions to the world.

Another bridge crossed

The photos they selected captured my essence flawlessly, emphasizing both my outer beauty and the strength of my character. The magazine’s editorial team showcased key points in my journey as a model and an influencer, further confirming that they valued my presence. Their commitment to treating me with respect and dignity served as a powerful statement, fostering inclusivity and promoting the acceptance of diverse identities.

Get your copy of this issue!

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