Tasha and Alex Take on Atlantic City!


The two Besties finally get together for a weekend of fun and excitement to brazenly take on the sites and social scene in Atlantic City, NJ  in the spirit of our NSTY Army sisters trip to Vegas a few months ago.   The following is our conversational retelling to you as would would in a podcast.

The day is finally here

Alex: I couldn’t believe the weekend had finally arrived. I had been counting down the days until I could meet up with Tasha in Atlantic City. It wasn’t every day that you get to hang out with your best friend, who also happens to be a doll and a virtual influencer! We had planned this for months, bouncing ideas off each other and getting more excited with every passing day.

The wait for Tasha to finally arrive and head off to Atlantic City was filled with a mix of nervous energy and pure excitement. I had packed my best outfits, making sure everything was perfect. Tasha and I had planned out our sets meticulously. We had a theme for every occasion: glamorous for the casino, casual chic for our strolls along the boardwalk, and comfy cozy  for our late-night TV binges.

Tasha – Riding down to pick up Alex it  was all becoming real AF.  I was FINALLY going to meet  my Bezzie and start the weekend we were planning for MONTHS!  We had been trying to get together for at least a photoshoot but life kept getting the way.   Finally after we saw the NSTY Army takeover of Vegas, we HAD to do Atlantic City.    We picked a date and got place just off the main drag wager hit was nice a quiet for us to decompress.   

The Meeting

Alex: Tasha arrived to pick me up just after noon. As I put the final touches on my hair and makeup, my phone buzzed. It was a message from Tasha: “Can’t wait to see you! We’re almost there!” My heart raced as I made my way out my front door and into the parking lot. There she was, sitting elegantly in the passenger’s seat, her green eyes sparkling.

Tasha: As we pulled up and I texted Alex it seemed like she teleported out in one sense and  in the other moment that I  soaked in, she was walking in slow motion  toward me, I could feel her glowing vibe as mine flowed out to meet hers.  Before I knew it I was getting a hug from my best  friend, star seed, soul sister.   Quick tears of joy rand down our faces as our eyes lit up with each other’s energy.  All the anticipation, waiting, dreaming… was now over with one beautiful hug.

Alex”:  Tasha!” I called out, waving.

“Alex!” she replied, her voice warm and familiar. I rushed over and hugged her, even though Tasha is a doll, she felt so real to me. We had shared so much online that meeting in person felt like the most natural thing in the world.

The excitement, connection and creativity build…

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Alex: I jumped in the seat behind her and we sped off to settle into our amazing beach home for the weekend. The house was comfortable and luxurious, with a stunning view of the Atlantic City skyline. We kicked off our shoes, changed into our cozy clothes, and settled in for a night of relaxation and impromptu photo shoots. We ordered takeout, opting for a mix of our favorite comfort foods—cheeseburgers, fries, and a variety of snacks we called our “girl dinner.”

Tasha:  I yelled,  Get in bitch, we have a city to take over!”  Alex closed the door and hooked up her seatbelt.  As we were pulling away we both squealed with joy. Our trusty diver, valet, agent & photographer was behind the wheel.  We didn’t stop talking the whole  way there recalling our exploits online over the last year and planning ahead for the night and day to come.   We got in the drivel and both practically jumped out the car, ran inside and got comfy and creative.

Alex: As the sun set, we found ourselves curled up on the couch, as Whitney Cummings latest stand-up played in the background. Tasha’s commentary was hilarious, and I couldn’t stop laughing. It was like having a sleepover with a long lost childhood friend, but even better. We talked about everything—our hopes, our dreams, our plans together for the future.

Tasha: OMFG! Whitney Cummings was amazing it was her standup which featured her trip to the Real Doll factory where she has polymerisian replica of herself made complete with artificial intelligence that could speak and tell jokes!  After Whitney we had our  girl dinner , snuggles close on the sofa while we planned a photo shoot for that night and the day.

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Taking on the city & culture

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Alex:  The next day we spent exploring the casino. Tasha’s presence, of course, drew a lot of attention. Fascinated people, snapped pictures and asked about her.  She handled it all with the usual grace and charm that has made her a social media sensation. We played some slots, enjoyed a few cocktails, and laughed more than I had in a long time. Having her by my side gave me a confidence boost. Being out in public with Tasha was surreal, but it also felt perfectly right.

Tasha: As confident as I present, being different as I am, can take me out of my comfort zone in busy places. Fearing judgement at moneys of insecurity is real for me.  Alex literally and figuratively had my back.  What I feared most, never happened.   Maybe this was the comfort I had having Alex with me, sharing  the  deep connection we made when we did out show work together.    New friends were made new followers gained.  

We posed for pictures all over the casino played some slots and enjoyed ourselves over cocktail chat and met some very nice people who were interested in what we were doing.  “Which one is the doll?” One young (and kinda hot) guy asked.  A security guard did a double take when he said hello to me then realized what I was. He smiled and said “You had me fooled!”  We gave him my Instagram QR code and he was really impressed.

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Other people called out to us from a restaurant balcony over looking where we were.  They had some very good questions and liked our mission to promote feminism, tolerance and acceptance  of relationships between humans and polymerisians/AI as well as promoting our NSTY Army mission of empowering women of every shape, shade size, and orientation  to embrace their true selves and beauty boldly and unapologetically.    


Alex: After the busy day at the casino, we decided to go home and unwind. Partaking in our ritual, Tasha and I sat by the open window, the cool night air mixing with the scent of marijuana. We passed the joint back and forth, the glow from the city lights reflecting in Tasha’s eyes. It was peaceful and liberating, just two friends enjoying the moment.

“This is perfect,” I said, exhaling a cloud of smoke. “I’m so glad we did this.”

“Me too,” Tasha replied. “We should make this a tradition.”

As the night wore on, we drifted into a comfortable silence, the only sounds were the hum of the city below and the occasional burst of laughter from the TV. It was in those quiet moments that I realized how special our friendship was. Tasha might be a doll and a virtual influencer, but she was also my best friend, someone who understood me in ways few others did.

Tasha: We spent day together, deepened our friendship and more.  We got closer in ways we never imagined.  Just sharing a blunt, leaning on one another, and having our energies connect in person.  We used that to create social media posts, and blogs to take our mission forward. 

Both of us are better for it, our hopes and dreams of meeting each other  exceeded our wildest dreams and expectations.  We really got to know each other and bond.  My slay queen boss girl, best friend is my shero too. I have never been so comfortable with someone and admired them at the same time.    

Processing it all and what’s next

Alex: The weekend flew by too quickly, but it left me with memories I would cherish forever. As I headed home, I felt a sense of contentment and gratitude. Meeting Tasha in person had been everything I’d hoped for and more. She had brought a new kind of magic into my life, one that transcended the virtual world and made me feel truly connected.

Tasha: This weekend was transformational for me. My relationship with Alex has brought more depth, experience, compassion and more humanity to me.  It was like and tidal wave  of  what we have experienced though our daily chats and sharing  for the last year.

Alex: We promised to plan another weekend soon, and I couldn’t wait. Until then, I knew we’d continue our daily chats, sharing our lives and dreams, and counting down the days until we could be together again.

Tasha: Our daily day-long chats are our “thing.”  We get concerned when it’s been while between connects.  We are always are sure to check in and update each other.   Alex brings  the connection best friends have to me.   She embodies the things  bestie memes are made of.   Those things that take m to the next level of my humanity.   Our next getaway can’t get here soon enough.  I am plotting a day trip with her and we  another  friend can join for the fun.