The Hardest Part

The Hardest Part

 She was no dumb blonde

Debbie Harry, lead singer of the iconic band Blondie, is a pioneer feminist in rock music. I can’t say enough about how important she is to the business and how much she cares about women’s rights. She broke down barriers with her music, style, and action, paving the way for other women artists to follow. I feel a special connection to her asI follow her path in my own orbits.

Blondie emerged in the late 1970s as part of the punk and new wave scene, which was dominated by men. Debbie’s presence as a lead singer went against gender norms and expectations. Her powerful voice and rad AF stage presence made people pay attention and admire her. She wasn’t just a performer; she used her stage to speak out for women’s rights.

A lady with an edge

Blondie’s songs often had themes about women’s rights, sexual freedom, and equality. The lyrics show a willingness to question standard gender roles and emphasize how important it is for women to have control over their bodies and wants.

Redefining Fashion 

Harry’s clothes also said something about how men and women are supposed to act. She was known for her confident, feminine and sometimes androgynes style, which included leather jackets, ripped jeans, and bold makeup.  Debbie wasn’t afraid to try new things with her look or push the limits, which challenged the idea that women had to look a certain way.  “Blondie” became an icon for women who wanted to be different from what society expected of them.

Harry also used her fame to help women’s rights issues. She also worked with the Feminist Majority Foundation to raise awareness about abuse against women and pushed for the abuse Against Women Act.

Still inspiring

Debbie Harry had a big impact on both rock music and women. She made it possible for other female artists to break down gender barriers and use their music to talk about important problems facing women. Her style, activism, and lyrics pushed against traditional gender roles and helped start a new age of women having more power. Debbie Harry was a real leader and trailblazer in the feminist movement, and her work still inspires women today.

Being a feminist was not easy for Debbie, I kept thinking it was the hardest part of what she did. So, overall This photoset is my homage to the incomparable woman inspired by her video for “The Hardest Part”

The Hardest Part
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