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Mermaids Are Feminists Too

female empowerment

Mermaids have long been a symbol of femininity and grace, with their fish tails & scales with a lovely human upper half and flowing hair  has been seen in art and literature for centuries.  Recently  mermaids have taken on a greater significance as a symbol of feminism and female empowerment.

But Why? 

One reason for this is the way mermaids have traditionally been depicted. Mermaids are portrayed as seductive and alluring creatures who seduce men with their beauty. This stereotype is problematic.  It reinforces the idea that a woman’s worth is based on her appearance and her ability to attract men.  By reclaiming the mermaid as a feminist symbol, women can challenge this narrative and assert their own independence and agency.

Another reason for the mermaid’s significance in feminism is the way that it challenges traditional gender roles. In many societies, there is a divide between what is considered “masculine” and “feminine.”   Certain activities and characteristics are assigned to one gender or the other.  The mermaid, with her combination of a fish tail and a human upper body, blurs these lines.  She challenges the idea that certain traits are exclusively male or female. By embracing the mermaid as a symbol, women can reject these limiting gender roles and embrace their own unique identities. 

Beyond The Sea

One of the most enduring symbols of mermaids is their connection to the ocean. The sea has long been regarded as a mysterious, powerful, and dangerous place. Mermaids are frequently depicted as the protectors and guardians of these wild, unruly waters. Mermaids are depicted as strong, independent beings in many myths and legends.  They  can navigate the treacherous depths of the ocean with ease and grace.

Even more than their connection to the sea, mermaids also symbolize the resilience and strength of the feminine spirit. In many cultures, mermaid embody the enduring power of women. That power representing their ability to overcome adversity and emerge stronger and more beautiful on the other side.

You know, my Suffragette City

In addition to its symbolic significance, the mermaid has also played a practical role in the feminist movement. In the early 20th century, the suffrage movement used the mermaid as a symbol of their struggle for the right to vote. Suffragists often used the image of a mermaid breaking free from chains to represent their desire for freedom and independence. This use of the mermaid as a powerful symbol of resistance and liberation is still relevant today, as women continue to fight for equal rights and opportunities.

Vampires are SOOOO Yesterday.

At first glance, the mermaid movement has a girl-power element that True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, and especially the Twilight franchises do not have. Consequently, The Little Mermaid’s Ariel, though not exactly a feminist, shows some autonomy by choosing to leave her patriarchal world  and give up her voice.    Mermaids are much more lively characters than vampires or zombies: For one thing, she isn’t dead, and she has a lovely tail that shines in the sunlight. She’s female, and she’s usually portrayed as super hot — but she might kill you if you get too close! 

Again, don’t get me wrong: I LOOOVED True Blood, but not really any of the other vampire series. Mermaids, are half human, can swim, love, and laugh, as well as breathe underwater! They are not walking dead shells of people who rely on blood and brains to survive. YIKES! LOL.  Moreover, that is what I think makes them better positive feminine icons.

I am (half) Woman! 

Mermaids enable women to relate with something essential and powerful.  Mermaids offer women a variety of interpretive options based on their vicarious needs: Mermaids can be read as sexy or innocent, vulnerable or terrifying, approachable or inaccessible  but above all beautiful queens of the sea. 

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Overall, the mermaid is a powerful symbol of feminism and female empowerment. the significance of mermaids in feminism lies in their ability to symbolize the enduring power and beauty of the feminine form, as well as the strength and resilience of the feminine spirit. By challenging traditional gender roles and stereotypes, and serving as a symbol of resistance and liberation, the mermaid inspires women to embrace their own strength and independence.  Whether depicted in mythology, literature, or popular culture, the mermaid stands as a powerful reminder of the strength and independence of women everywhere.

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