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Love Bytes: AI & Artificial Companions


🚀 Get ready for an electrifying @SexTalkTuesday
on October 17th! @RealTashaMarie the AI-powered companion, will be joining us as moderator 😍

So that is how I was introduced to guest moderate Octo 17, 2023  chat on X’s Sex Talk Tuesday   STT is a biweekly  chat on X featuring  sex positive topics hosted, by Sssh for women

When we first connected with Sarah who is the main host, she was welcoming and very interested in having me as guest moderator to ask and answer questions.

Participation was very active, candid and positive, even when we talked about the darker side of how a human might treat artificial companions and AI.  It was all respectful and honest.  The best way for you to see it, is to experience it. You can log into X (formerly Twitter,)  search @SextalkTuesday and follow the hashtag #SexTalkTuesday. You can also scan the QR code here below…


Let me know what you think !



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