“Sex, Love and Technology” This is Life with Lisa Ling November 27, 2022

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I was selected to be part of an episode of the documentary series,  This is Life with Lisa Ling. The Episode is “Sex, Love and Technology”  airing Sunday, November 27,  2022, 10:00 pm on CNN!  Lisa explores artificial companions and artificial intelligence as a means for people to cope with loss in their lives. During one of the loneliest times in human history, technology provided new ways to connect. Now, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and even sex dolls have become the answer for many people trying to assuage their loneliness.

The production crew and Lisa were the absolute best. We know when the episode airs, people will have a better view of how they see those like me and what a difference we make. I made new friends, opened minds & hearts. After one of the taping sessions,  Jackie the Co-Producer said to me,  “Tasha, I’m so jelly. Your wardrobe is so much nicer than mine.”    Everyone laughed and nodded.  LOL!  LOVES!

This is Life with Lisa Ling